Barcelona: 110 Years of the Beautiful Game


T'estimo Barça

Monday, November 29, 2010 marks 110th birthday of  my favorite Football club, FC Barcelona. The same day is the the La Liga’s El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid with everything to be played for, Real is currently leading the table with one point ahead of Barca . The game is not just a another Football match, Barcelona is more than a club “més que un club”, it represent Catalonia not only on the field, but politically and as a social organization. When the city of Barcelona bombed in 1938, with over 3,000 people killed, and would eventually become occupied by Franco (a supporter of Real Madrid). The Catalan flag and language were officially banned, the only place the people could freely gather and speak their language was in the Football stadium of Camp Nou. With over 160 league derbies, five Copa del Rey finals meetings (three won by Barcelona) and over 200 matches including European cup tilts,  the Clasico game  is more than a game , it is a political and ideological battle between the Catalan club and its arch rival “King’s Club” from Madrid.


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