El Clasico: Barcelona teach Real Madrid a Lesson in Humiliation

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Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid

Labeled as the Match of the Century, Barcelona, Pep Guardiola and  Lionel Messi tough a great humiliating lesson to the self declared “The Special One” Jose Mourinho and Ronaldo in a masterful show of Football that torn Madrid to pieces. With Barcelona
winning 5-0 over Real Madrid, it is clear now more than ever who rules the world of Football.

The win is not just humiliating, it is devastating to Mourinho, his heaviest league defeat in his entire career and Real’s dream of winning a Clasico game is now far from reality. Barcelona was brilliant and made Madrid players look like bunch of amateurs, not for once did Real Madrid even get close to scoring a goal or have a decent position in the game, rather, Barcelona’s speed and quick-touch passing game made Real player look like a  bunch of kids chasing the ball and running around the field,  when failing to get the ball away from Barca’s players, they would kick, shove and commit fouls, almost every single players of Real Madrid got a a yellow and at the end, a dirty tackle from Sergio Ramos on Messi deservedly got him a red card and his frustrations lead to a shoving match.



Dirty Tackles from Sergio Ramos on Messi


Sergio Ramos Losing it Pushing Carosl Puyol


Sergio Ramos is Out

A terrible night for the so called “the Special One” and a masterful show of Football from Barcelona and Pep Guardiola, Real Madrid and Mourinho want to forget this nightmarish night. One to be remembered by Barcelona’s fans,  the greatest football team to have ever played on this planet.


Mourinho "El Traductor" bow down to Guariola

Poor Iker Casillas, Right Between the Legs

Ronaldo Did Nothing, but Get a Yellow

After Barcelona routed Almeria 8-0 a week earlier, Ronaldo quipped: “Let’s see if Barcelona can score eight goals next Monday.” The Blaugrana got more than halfway there. He now wish he had kept his mouth shut.


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