Chet Baker: The Prince of Cool

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Chet Baker: The Prince of Cool

I will always cherish the memory of Chet Baker, for years ago, that is, many years ago, I felt in love with Jazz become of him, that is, felt in love with Cool Jazz. The man with the trumpet did not only played Cool Jazz, but he was himself, the Prince of Cool, he lived to be cool.

I remember I was going around and telling all my friends to checkout the forgotten “Chet Baker”, and they were like, “Who?”, “Chet Baker, you know, Cool Jazz, back in mid 50s, the cool ones; Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and Chet Baker”, “Ah, so you mean Miles Davis?”, “NO, damn it, I mean Chest Baker”

So, here is to your encounter with Chet Baker, the forgotten one,  the tragic hero, the one and only, Prince of Cool.


5 thoughts on “Chet Baker: The Prince of Cool

  1. I like Chet, but I’ve never listened to him much as you never know whether you’re in for a genuine recording or a coaster, due to how he recorded most of his work.

    1. I have heard his earlier version of this track, but this one is his best, it seem it was recorded after his near death accident, the recording reflect his sadness.

      1. I didn’t experience it as sad….when he said Music is the only thing I have to give….

        I was like…well…that’s more than what most people can say in life and truly he was/is a Great Artist!

        Yes, this recording is divine because it is like wine, it matures with age….

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